Publication Notice: Dr. Sergei Agafontsev

Vancouver, B.C.

Issuing College:


Dr. Sergei Agafontsev, a general dentist who practises in Vancouver, has admitted to providing substandard dental care, providing unauthorized, unnecessary, and inappropriate dental treatment, failing to obtain informed consent and other admissions relating to multiple complaints against him.

The investigation of patient complaints by the College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) resulted in a citation (PDF) (notice of hearing) against Dr. Agafontsev. The allegations in the citation raised concerns about informed consent, quality of dental treatment, and supervision of employees in relation to patient recordkeeping.

After considering Agafontsev’s consent order proposal and admission (PDF) to the allegations in the citation (with some exceptions, noted in section 3.0), and noting the seriousness of the allegations, the Inquiry Committee ordered the following:

  1. A reprimand;
  2. $1,500 to be paid to CDSBC for its costs of the investigation;
  3. The respondent will:

    (a) Pass a professional ethics course
    (b) Complete a recordkeeping course
    (c) Complete CDSBC’s informed consent course
    (d) Agree to complete at least eight sessions with a dentist mentor who will review his dental procedures and operative care, and provide reports to the Committee for further action as necessary
    (e) Agree to monitoring and inspection by CDSBC for a period of 24 months; and
  4. A fine in the amount of $12,000 payable to CDSBC.

The Inquiry Committee order was pronounced November 5, 2013 and finalized December 13, 2013.

View the final consent order here (PDF).