Publication Notice: Dr. Sukrit Grewal – Notice of extraordinary action to protect the public

Abbotsford, BC

Issuing College:



A panel of BCCOHP’s Inquiry Committee (which oversees investigations) has issued an order to take extraordinary action against Dr. Sukrit Grewal. The order was made under section 35 of the Health Professions Act to protect the public.  

The order was put in place on an interim basis, pending the outcome of the investigation of multiple complaints, or any discipline hearing that may result. The order restricts Dr. Grewal’s registration so that he may not treat patients at his clinic or any other clinic or communicate with his staff.

The complaints involve allegations that Dr. Grewal acted inappropriately toward members of his clinic staff. The allegations against Dr. Grewal have not been proven.


Dr. Sukrit Grewal is registered as a specialist in pediatric dentistry with the BC College of Oral Health Professionals (BCCOHP). His registration status allowed him to practise only in his area of specialty. Dr. Grewal’s clinic is the Children’s Oral Care Centre, located at 201-2051 McCallum Road in Abbotsford. 

Nature of extraordinary action taken 

Limitations have been placed on Dr. Grewal’s registration pending the completion of investigations involving allegations against him, or until a hearing in connection with these matters takes place.  

The order is in effect as of May 19, 2023 and states that Dr. Grewal: 

  • Must not provide, delegate or supervise the provision of dentistry services  
  • Must not attend the premises of the clinic at any time when patients or staff are present 
  • Must not contact or communicate with any clinic staff 
  • Must not communicate with patients or prospective patients except for the purposes of: 
    • Advising them of the order, 
    • Advising them that another registrant will continue to act or provide services in his place, or 
    • Referring a patient or prospective patient to another registrant in good standing, and 
    • Such communications must be in a form approved in advance by BCCOHP’s Registrar.  
  • Must ensure that a notice stating the terms of this order is prominently displayed in a form and location approved by the Registrar.    

The order also states that Dr. Grewal may permit another registrant approved by BCCOHP’s Registrar to carry on his practice. He may continue to be involved in administrative and financial aspects of the clinic, including decisions relating to management, staffing, bookkeeping, audits, marketing and accounting, provided that he is compliant with other required terms in the order.  

In the event that Dr. Grewal attends the clinic, the order requires that he be in the presence of another person approved in advance by BCCOHP’s Registrar. Further, any communications with clinic staff must be in writing and delivered by another person who is approved in advance by BCCOHP’s Registrar. 

The panel made the order to protect the public during the investigation of complaints against Dr. Grewal, or pending any disciplinary hearing into those complaints. The complaints involve allegations that Dr. Grewal acted inappropriately toward members of his clinic staff. Those allegations are unproven. 

About extraordinary action under the Health Professions Act  

Section 35 of the Act allows a regulatory college’s Inquiry Committee to take extraordinary action it considers necessary to protect the public during the investigation of a registrant or pending a hearing of the discipline committee.

By law, there are restrictions on the information that a health regulatory college may disclose about the health professionals it regulates. At this time, BCCOHP is unable to provide additional information beyond what is contained in this summary

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