All health regulatory colleges in BC are required to govern according to the Health Professions Act, their specific bylaws, and the regulations.

The BC College of Oral Health Professionals derives its authority from the Act, the regulations, and the BCCOHP Bylaws.

Health Professions Act

Under the Health Professions Act, regulatory colleges in BC have the power and duty to oversee the practice of their registrants in order to protect the public. The key accountabilities of regulatory colleges are outlined in section 16 of the Act.


Government uses regulations to establish the names of the regulatory colleges under the Act, and to set out reserved titles, scope of practice statements and restricted activities that the different professions are authorized to provide.

The regulations that apply to BCCOHP are:


The bylaws set out how the new oral health college will be structured and governed, how it will uphold its legal mandate to protect patients and the public, and the regulatory requirements for BC’s 16,000 oral health professionals.

Related organizations

Health Professions Review Board

The Health Professions Review Board (HPRB) was established by the provincial government to provide an independent review of certain decisions made by BC’s health regulators on appeal by the complainant and/or the registrant. The HPRB publishes its review decisions here.

Ministry of Health

The Minister of Health has authority over the boards of BC’s health regulatory colleges. More information about professional regulation is available on the Ministry of Health website.

BC Health Regulators

BC Health Regulators (BCHR) brings all health regulatory colleges in BC together to collaborate on improving regulatory practice. The regulatory colleges that are members of BCHR have a shared mandate to serve and protect all British Columbians, ensuring regulated health care professionals deliver competent, safe, and ethical care.