Strategic Plan and Annual Reports

2023/24 Strategic plan

BCCOHP develops strategic plans to provide focus in delivering its mandate and special projects. 

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Strategic Plan 2023/24


Reimagined oral health care oversight

We draw from a shared legacy and rich diversity of thought to deliver modernized oral health care regulation.


Regulatory leadership that collaboratively builds public confidence in the delivery of safe, ethical, team-based oral health care.


We put people first

We recognize that the most important resource in delivering our mission is the diversity and knowledge of people.

We do what we say

We are committed to delivering meaningful outcomes for patients and the public, and to being transparent about our work and its impact.

We get it done

We build credibility and trustworthiness through the quality of our regulatory work, while approaching new challenges with openness and curiosity.

We take the long view

Through continuous improvement, we will use our influence to make a positive impact today and in the future.


Health equity & cultural safety

Incorporate meaningful Indigenous involvement in decision-making, and adopt practices that uphold anti-racism, cultural safety and humility.

Regulatory leadership

Identify the strategic opportunities within regulatory modernization, including the new governing legislation.

Unified regulatory functions

Unify core regulatory functions and professional and ethical standards that protect the public from harm and promote the public interest.

Annual reports

Each year, BCCOHP publishes a comprehensive Annual Report that provides an overview of the College’s activities during the year and includes reports from the Registrar, standing Committees and the auditor’s financial statements.

These reports describes BCCOHP’s work and activities from the last fiscal year. It highlights major accomplishments and reflects the commitment and dedication of BCCOHP staff and stakeholders who devote their time and expertise to deliver on BCCOHP’s duty to protect the public.

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