Practice Resources

As an oral health professional registered with BCCOHP, you are required to uphold standards for clinical and ethical practice. You will also need to meet quality assurance requirements that support your continuing competence throughout your career.

BCCOHP Standards and Guidance Project Update

BCCOHP is working to create professional and ethical standards for all regulated oral health professionals.

The standards and guidance for clinical and ethical practice issued by the legacy colleges remained in place upon amalgamation and are currently under review. These documents and resources are still in force until new standards are developed for BCCOHP.

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There are three main ways that the BC College of Oral health Professionals protects the public: 1. By ensuring that oral health professionals are able to practise competently. 2. By setting standards for the delivery of safe and patient-centered oral health care. 3. By investigating complaints about oral health professionals.

Practice standards​ and guidance

Oral health professionals must meet clinical and ethical expectations for practice

Quality assurance​

This program ensures that oral health professionals stay up to date and are able to practise safely​

Sedation program

There are specific requirements for the administration of sedation and general anesthesia in dentistry 

Learning opportunities

BCCOHP has a growing base of options that allow you to earn continuing education (CE) credits anywhere and at your own pace