Denturist Corporations

A Denturist may incorporate their practice as a health profession corporation under Part 4 of the Health Professions Act and BCCOHP’s bylaws.  A health profession corporation may not carry on business unless it holds a valid Health Professions Corporation permit from the BC College of Oral Health Professionals.

Download HPC Permit Application | Download the HPC Permit Renewal Form


  • Apply to the BC Registrar Service to reserve your proposed corporate name(s).
    1. The Results of Name Request may have a condition stating that it needs BCCOHP’s consent. 
    2. Send BCCOHP a copy of the Results of Name Request.
    3. If appropriate, BCCOHP will send a letter to BC Registry Services. 
  • Apply to the BC Registrar Services to register your corporation under the BC Business Corporations Act .  You may want to obtain legal or accounting advice about how to structure your corporation.  BCCOHP staff cannot offer legal advice about tax matters or how to structure your corporation. 
    1. All of the voting shares of the corporation must be legally and beneficially owned by registered Denturists.  See section 43(1)(c) of the Health Professions Act 
    2. Non-voting shares may be owned by a variety of specified individuals, including you, your spouse, your common-law spouse, your children and any other relatives who live with you.  See section 43(1)(d) of the Health Professions Act. 
    3. It is a good idea to include, in your articles of incorporation, provisions for the immediate automatic disposition of shares to qualified shareholders. 
  • Once your corporation has been registered under the BC Business Corporations Act , you may apply for a permit.  Please forward to BCCOHP:
    1. A completed Health Professions Corporation (HPC) Permit application form. 
    2. A true copy of the Certificate of Incorporation from the BC Registrar Services, and any change of name certificate.
    3. A copy of the Notice of Articles of the corporation.
    4. A copy of the Central Securities Register that sets out the shareholders of the corporation.
    5. The $50.00 HPC permit fee, plus GST ($52.50), by cheque or money order made payable to the BC College of Oral Health Professionals.

If your application is complete and complies with the Act and bylaws, the Registrar will issue a health profession corporation permit entitling your corporation to carry on the business of providing dentures to the public and to advertise under this name as well as your license name(s).

  • If you intend to change the name of your health profession corporation, you must apply to BCCOHP for a new permit, and supply a Certificate of Change of Name and a current Central Securities Register.  If the new name complies with the Act and bylaws, the Registrar will issue a new permit.
  • The president of the corporation, or his or her designate, must promptly advise BCCOHP, in writing, of any changes to the information that was contained in the HPC application

Registrants are encouraged to review the Health Professions Act , the Business Corporations Act and BCCOHP’s bylaws before submitting a HPC permit application

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