Dental Technician Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Project Update

BCCOHP is working to establish a modernized quality assurance program for all oral health professionals. This is a key initiative and is expected to be a multi-year project.

The quality assurance programs developed by the legacy colleges that came together to form BCCOHP remained in place upon amalgamation and are currently under review. These will remain in force until a new quality assurance program is developed.

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In accordance with the Health Professions Act, all BC health professions must establish a Quality Assurance Program (QAP). 

The British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals meets this HPA requirement through Continuing Education. Registered Dental Technicians are required to continue their learning throughout their career by accumulating a number of education credits for each three-year cycle.

Your QAP cycle is assigned at the date of registration and runs on a three-year calendar cycle. These cycles remain constant despite the registration classification a dental technician holds (i.e., practising, non-practising, former). Please contact us for further information specific to your cycle if you plan to move between registration classifications.

Registrants who do not meet Quality Assurance Program requirements will be unable to renew their registration.