Strategic focuses and initiatives

BCCOHP has identified areas of focus which underpin the core pillars of our strategic efforts. Our four areas of strategic focus for 2024-27 include:

An image that lists our four areas of strategic focus for 2024-27: cultural safety and humility, health equity and anti-discrimination, regulatory leadership, and modernized regulatory functions.

The initiatives listed under each area of strategic focus outline actionable steps and key priorities that operationalize these focuses.  

To learn more about our vision, mission and values, read our 2024-27 Strategic Plan >> 

We are undertaking multi-year projects to identify strategic opportunities within regulatory modernization, including seamless transition to new governing legislation. 


  • Prepare for and implement the principles and requirements of the Health Professions and Occupations Act to better protect the public and facilitate good governance. 
  • Collaborate and engage with the public and other health care system partners to strengthen the delivery of safe, competent and ethical health care by the professionals we regulate. 
  • Implement a risk-based and data-led approach to regulatory decision-making and measurement of performance outcomes. Read our approach document (PDF) >> 

We are undertaking multi-year projects that uphold Indigenous rights and promote reconciliation through the regulation and delivery of oral health care. 


  • Embed cultural safety and humility and Indigenous specific anti-racism in all aspects of governance and operations and eliminate barriers to Indigenous people accessing BCCOHP. 
  • Set expectations for oral health professionals that support the delivery of culturally safe and humble oral health care. 
  • Ensure shared decision-making with Indigenous peoples, including recruiting and retaining Indigenous board, committee and staff members. 

Learn more about our commitment to cultural safety and humility >>

We are undertaking multi-year projects to prevent harm and discrimination to create equity in oral health care experience, delivery and outcomes. 


  • Build a safe and inclusive organizational culture that upholds anti-racism and anti-discriminatory principles and measures. 
  • Identify and remove policies and practices that perpetuate discrimination. 
  • Implement regulatory processes that foster meaningful and respectful communication between oral health professionals, patients and the public. 
  • Support oral health professionals to take action on health equity and discrimination. 

We are undertaking multi-year projects to unify core regulatory functions and establish patient-centred standards that prioritize patient safety and promote the public interest. 


  • Implement a single registration system and public register. 
  • Establish a quality assurance program for all oral health professionals. Learn more >>
  • Develop ethical principles, professional and practice standards for all oral health professionals. Learn more >>