ReimaginedOral Health Care Oversight


BCCOHP is delivering on the promise of modernized professional regulation of the oral health team.

In line with this strategic plan, our work is risk based, data informed and collaborative — and focused on outcomes for patients and the public. Our continued work in integrating our core regulatory functions is informed by a commitment to the need for health equity and culturally safe and humble process and care.



Reimagined oral health care oversight

We believe that everyone will be able to see themselves in our vision statement: patients/public, oral health care professionals, and those within BCCOHP.

“We’re fully invested in the goal to put patients first… and strengthen regulatory colleges’ ability to deliver on their mandate to protect the public.”

– Honorable Adrian Dix, BC’s Minister of Health (2020, amended)


“As a health regulator, patient safety is at the heart of our work. The creation of BCCOHP has resulted in a more resilient, fit-for-purpose organization and allows a sustained focus on the innovation and new ways of thinking and working required to improve health outcomes for all people who call British Columbia home.”

– Carl Roy, Board Chair and Chris Hacker, Registrar and CEO


To safeguard the public from harm and discrimination by diligently overseeing safe, competent, ethical, and team-based oral health care, ensuring trustworthiness in our regulatory practices.


An organization’s core values must be strong, consistent and reflect core principles that stand the test of time, even when the landscape undergoes a dramatic shift.

– Chris Hacker, Registrar and CEO


We put people first

We recognize that the most important resource in delivering our mission is the diversity and knowledge of people.

We do what we say

We are committed to delivering meaningful outcomes for patients and the public, and to being transparent about our work and its impact.

We get it done

We build credibility and trustworthiness through the quality of our regulatory work, while approaching new challenges with openness and curiosity.

We take the long view

Through continuous improvement, we will use our influence to make a positive impact today and in the future.



Regulatory leadership

Identify strategic opportunities within regulatory modernization, including seamless transition to new governing legislation.

Cultural safety and humility

Uphold Indigenous rights and promote reconciliation through the regulation and delivery of oral health care.

Health equity and anti-discrimination

Prevent harm and discrimination to create equity in oral health care experience, delivery and outcomes.

Modernized regulatory functions

Unify core regulatory functions and establish patient-centred standards that prioritize patient safety and promote the public interest.

“Our goal is to build the collective strength necessary to advance as a whole and healthy society”

– Shane Pointe (Sulksun), Coast Salish Knowledge Keeper, In Plain Sight: Addressing Indigenous-specific Racism and Discrimination in B.C. Health Care