Dental Hygiene Corporation

Subject to Part 4 – Health Profession Corporation of the Health Professions Act and the BCCOHP bylaws, Part 14 – Health Profession Corporations registrants may apply to the Board for approval of a Dental Hygiene Corporation Name and a Health Profession Corporation Permit. 

For a one-page summary of the incorporation process, download a copy of BCCOHP‘s Health Profession Corporation Name and Permit Information Sheet. 

Application Process

A Health Profession Corporation that holds a valid permit may not carry on any activities other than the provision of dental hygiene services or services that are directly associated with the provision of those services that would, for purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada), give rise to income from business. 

In order to obtain a permit, you must: 

Download a Dental Hygiene Corporation Name Approval Form. Complete the form and return it to the College office. Refer to the College bylaws for information about naming your corporation. 

Apply to the Registrar of Companies to reserve your proposed name.

Apply to the Registrar of Companies to register your corporation under the B.C. Business Corporations Act. about how to structure your corporation. College staff members are not qualified to offer legal advice about tax matters or how to structure your corporation; you may wish to seek legal or accounting advice. 

Once your corporation has been registered under the B.C. Business Corporations Act, you may apply for a permit. Download a Health Profession Corporation Permit Application Form. This form is for an initial application (please see below for renewal forms). Complete the form and return it to the College office along with the following additional documentation: 

  • a notarized copy of the certificate of incorporation and any change of name certificates from the Registrar of Companies;  

The permit is valid from the date issued by BCCOHP until the following March 1. 

Permit Renewal

You must renew your permit annually. You will receive a notice from BCCOHP when it is time to renew your permit.  To maintain your permit, you must submit an HPC Renewal Application Form, completed accurately and fully, with a renewal fee of $30 (to be paid online on your registrant profile under “Make a payment,” or by cheque/bank draft).  

Public Disclosure of Corporate Status

A health profession corporation must disclose on all letterhead and business cards and in all other advertisements that the services of dental hygiene are being provided by a health profession corporation. See Part 14.11 of the bylaws. 

Change of Corporate Name

If you intend to change the name of your health profession corporation, you must apply to BCCOHP for a certificate that BCCOHP does not object to the intended name of the health profession corporation. See Part 14.08 of the bylaws.

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