BCCOHP serves the public by regulating 16,000 oral health professionals, including certified dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, dental therapists, dentists and denturists. 

Board members

The Board sets the direction of BCCOHP and has oversight of our regulatory performance. It is accountable to the Minister of Health.

Board meetings

Board meetings are held four times a year. Meetings of the BCCOHP Board are open to the public. 


Committees are established by the Board and integral to our work of public protection.


The work of professional regulation is done by our staff team, under the direction of the Registrar/CEO.


Our work is directed by BC’s Health Professions Act, the BCCOHP Bylaws, and the profession-specific regulations.

Strategic plan and annual reports

The strategic plan is forward-focused. Annual reports highlight performance over the previous year.

Work with us

View job postings and committee vacancies.

Work With Us

View job postings and committee vacancies.