Discipline Hearings

A registrant can only be disciplined by BCCOHP or its committees once a formal discipline hearing leading to an adverse finding has taken place*.  More information about the College’s complaints and discipline process is available here.

Following a discipline hearing, the Discipline Committee may make a range of orders, including:

  • reprimanding a registrant,
  • suspending or cancelling registration, and
  • imposing other sanctions.


*exception: the Inquiry Committee may suspend a registrant or impose limits or conditions on their practice pending a hearing of the matter if there is an urgent public protection issue under section 35 of the HPA.

What Happens at a Discipline Hearing?

The Inquiry Committee may direct the Registrar to issue a citation for a disciplinary hearing. A discipline hearing is the final stage of the discipline process and is open to the public unless the panel has ordered otherwise.

Testimony is given under oath respecting allegations of professional misconduct and/or incompetence to a panel of the Discipline Committee.

The Committee decides if the allegations are substantiated and whether any disciplinary action appropriate. Disciplinary action may include a formal reprimand, conditions on registration, suspension or termination of registration.

Upcoming hearings

All discipline hearings are open to the public; however, space may be limited and observers will be asked to RSVP. Notice of hearings will be published here two to four weeks in advance of the hearing.​

There are no discipline hearings at this time.