Practice Resources for Dental Hygienists

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Oral health professionals are reminded that they are ultimately accountable and responsible for understanding and interpreting any limits or conditions that might appear in Ministry Regulations and BCCOHP Bylaws regarding restricted titles and scope of practice. Please reach out to BCCOHP’s Professional Practice team if you have any questions regarding the provision of any aspect of practice or defined restricted activities.   

BCCOHP Standards and Guidance Project Update

BCCOHP is working to create professional and ethical standards for all regulated oral health professionals.

All standards and guidance documents for clinical and ethical practice and other practice resources previously ported over to BCCOHP from the legacy oral health colleges upon amalgamation on September 1, 2022, are currently under review by Standards and Guidance Committee. Where there are questions of statutory alignment with current Ministry of Health regulations and BCCOHP Bylaws, those documents have not been rescinded but are being removed from BCCOHP’s public website to allow further consideration by the Board. A list of documents under review can be found here.

Learn more about the standards and guidance development initiative >>

Interpretation Guidelines

Learn more about standards, Dental Hygienists Regulation and Scope of Practice. 

Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to provide general statements of the principles of ethical conduct.

Patient Relations Program

This program has been developed for registrants of the College to meet the requirements of section 16 (2) (f) of the Health Professions Act and section 7 of the Dental Hygienists Regulation.

Practice Standards and Policies

The ten Practice Standards are part of the College’s bylaws and contribute to the legal framework for dental hygiene practice in British Columbia.

Regulation, Bylaws and Other Resources

View more information about BCCOHP bylaws, Dental Hygienists Regulation and other practice resources.

Scope of Practice Statement

The Scope of Practice Statement is an interpretation of section 4 of the Dental Hygienists Regulation.