Denturist Quality Assurance

The British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals, established under the Health Professions Act, is accountable to the public to define, monitor and improve the quality of denturism practice in British Columbia. Quality Assurance is the fundamental responsibility for a regulatory body.

Quality Assurance is the process of providing evidence that the activities of health professionals are being performed effectively. The Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for administering the program.

BCCOHP defines quality in terms of:

  • the competence of its registrants, including entry level competence and continued competence;
  • the appropriate conduct of its registrants, including legal and ethical behaviour.

The purpose of this guideline is to ensure that BCCOHP and the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee are following a consistent, transparent and fair process for approving continuing education (CE) courses.

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The CE activities below have been pre-approved for the following CE hours:

  1. CE Course: hour per hour
  2. Mentoring a Student: hour per hour
  3. Participation in a Study Group: hour per hour
  4. Publish an Article/Research: hour per hour
  5. Patient Feedback Forms/Cards: hour per hour
  6. Develop a Case Study for the QA Tool: hour per hour
  7. Be an Examiner: hour per hour
  8. Challenge an OSCE: hour per hour
  9. Other: hour per hour
  10. Peer Denture Evaluation: 5 CE hours

Each CE activity has requirements that registrants must meet before submitting their activity for approval, i.e.: proof of attendance, prior approval. The requirements are listed on each activity form which can be accessed through the online registrant portal.

The QAP cycle runs on a one-year cycle, April 1 – March 31. The requirements include an annual completion of the following:   

  • QA checklist,  
  • QA tool, and  
  • A minimum of 20 hours of approved professional development. 

In addition, QAP requirements include engaging in a minimum of 675 hours of denturism practice for every three years of active registration.  

The annual practitioner review is a fundamental part of the BCCOHP Quality Assurance (QA) program. Each practicing registered denturist will be selected every five years to undergo the Practitioner Review. Those selected will receive an email one month prior to the review date.

This review is conducted by the Quality Assurance Program Coordinator and will be done over the phone.