Changes to Sedation/GA Requirements in Response to COVID-19

We are seeking ways to reduce barriers to our registrants and support the need for physical distancing in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The following announcement applies to sedation providers and to deep sedation and general anesthetic service facilities.

We recognize that some regulatory processes and requirements for sedation and general anaesthesia may be difficult, or even impossible, to accomplish at this time. The following changes are intended to provide additional flexibility. We request that all documents be submitted electronically in order to avoid unnecessary delay.  

In-office Assessments

All in-office assessments for deep sedation and general anesthetic service facilities are being postponed. Rescheduling will begin July 2, 2020 at the earliest.

If your office is currently scheduled for in-office assessment between April 21 and June 30, 2020, we will contact you to reschedule.

Facilities with expiring Confirmation of Compliance between March 18 and July 1, 2020 will all be granted an extension until July 2, 2020. The College will contact individual facility owners for extensions as required; considerations for extension will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Fees will be deferred until in-office assessments are scheduled.

Annual Self-assessments

All facilities with annual self-assessments due between March 18 and July 1, 2020 are being granted extensions to July 2, 2020.

If your self-assessment is complete, please send it a password-protected PDF to the sedation team via our contact form.

In-person Courses

In-person course work that does not align with the overarching social distancing expectations may be deferred until June 30, 2020. If you are unable to renew by June 30, please use the contact form to request a further extension. Cases will be reviewed on an individual basis. Courses that may need to be deferred due to the in-person components include Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and the Difficult Airway Course.

Registration of Qualifications

Registrants who wish to register for moderate sedation, deep sedation, or general anesthesia are asked to send their application package in the form of a password-protected PDF to the sedation team via our contact form.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact the sedation team via our contact form.

The changes described here have been approved by the Sedation and General Anesthetic Services Committee.