Publication Notice: Dr. Brian Karl Wiebe

Abbotsford, B.C.

Issuing College:


Dr. Brian Karl Wiebe has acknowledged the College has concerns with his billing practices and the quality of care he provided when he was practising as a general dentist. The concerns were raised as a result of complaints made by a patient and by an insurance company.

The investigation of the complaints resulted in a citation (notice of discipline hearing) against Dr. Wiebe. The citation was later rescinded when the Inquiry Committee accepted the “undertaking and consent” agreement submitted by Dr. Wiebe to address the College’s concerns.

Dr. Wiebe is now registered with the College as a retired dentist and is not licensed to practise dentistry. He has consented to the following:

  • He will not apply for reinstatement as a practising dentist for a period of two years;
  • Before applying for reinstatement, he must successfully complete a College-approved professional ethics course;
  • His application for reinstatement will be reviewed by the Registration Committee;
  • In addition to any requirements, terms and limits imposed by the Registration Committee in an application for reinstatement, he must successfully complete a College-approved educational program that addresses diagnosis and treatment planning, informed consent, prosthodontics treatment, endodontic treatment, periodontic treatment, and ethics;
  • Upon reinstatement, his practice will be subject to monitoring by the College for a period of three years; and
  • The College will notify other dental regulatory bodies as required under its bylaws.

Dr. Wiebe’s Undertaking and Consent agreement can be viewed below. It has been redacted to protect the privacy of the complainants and of Dr. Wiebe.

View Dr. Wiebe’s Undertaking and Consent Agreement (redacted) (PDF)