Publication Notice: Dr. Leo W. Fung

Vancouver, BC

Issuing College:



Dr. Leo W. Fung was registered with the College of Dental Surgeons (CDSBC) as a certified specialist in prosthodontics until he retired from practise in BC effective March 2, 2020.

Dr. Fung signed a Memorandum of Acknowledgement and Undertaking (MAU) with CDSBC on June 17, 2021. The MAU acknowledges CDSBC’s concerns about his recordkeeping, informed consent protocols, diagnosis and treatment planning, periodontics, billing practices and ethics during the time he actively practised in BC.


Should Dr. Fung apply for reinstatement to practise dentistry in BC, he must complete an educational program and satisfy ethics requirements at his own expense. The MAU also states that he must:

  • ​Successfully complete a mentorship agreement with a CDSBC-approved periodontal mentor
  • Cease providing periodontal surgery unless the treatment is provided under the supervision of a CDSBC-approved mentor; this practice limitation will appear on CDSBC’s online public register (Registrant Lookup) and will remain in force until the mentor reports that his periodontal surgery meets the expected standard
  • Successfully complete the Medical Ethics and Professionalism Course
  • Accurately bill for treatments provided
  • Review and comply with CDSBC’s​ Dental Recordkeeping Guidelines

The Inquiry Committee determined this to be a “serious matter” requiring publication under the Health Professions Act (section 39.3​).

View Dr. Fung’s signed MAU (PDF).​