Publication Notice: Dr. Mansour G. Foomani

Victoria, B.C.

Issuing College:


The Inquiry Committee’s concerns with Dr. Mansour Foomani’s understanding of dentist/patient boundaries has resulted in limitations being placed on his practice. Dr. Foomani is a general dentist who practises in Victoria.

The Inquiry Committee considered his unprofessional behaviour to be a serious matter under the Health Professions Act, and for this reason, ordered that a summary be published pursuant to section 39.3 of the Act.

Dr. Foomani signed a memorandum of agreement and understanding (MAU) that will require him to:

  • Successfully complete (pass) a multi-day ethics-based problem solving course;
  • Not see any patient at the practice without a College-approved staff person in attendance at all times, with conspicuous signage in place advising of this condition on his practice.

Dr. Foomani has also agreed to enter into a mentorship agreement with a College-approved mentor, at his own expense.

The mentor dentist will provide interim and final written reports to the College assessing improvements to Dr. Foomani’s practice. Dr. Foomani must complete the mentorship sessions within six months of signing the agreement.

Following the final report from the mentor dentist, Dr. Foomani will be monitored for a period of 12 months. Dr. Foomani will have his charts reviewed by College Investigators twice during this time.

The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the public is protected under the terms of the agreement. If Dr. Foomani does not meet the terms of the MAU or the mentorship agreement, or if concerns are found in the chart reviews, the monitoring file may be referred to the Inquiry Committee for its consideration.

Dr. Foomani may apply to the College to remove the requirement for a staff person to be in attendance at all times when seeing patients one year after successfully completing the ethics course and mentorship.

The MAU with Mentorship Agreements attached was finalized on November 29, 2016.