Publication Notice: Dr. Peter A. Balogh

Burnaby, BC

Issuing College:



In May 2020, CDSBC bec​ame aware that Dr. Peter Balogh had been convicted of offences relating to making a false or deceptive statement and failing to report taxable income under the Income Tax Act in relation to income derived from his dental practice.* ​

Following an investigation by CDSBC, the Inquiry Committee (which oversees investigations) directed that the Registrar issue a citation (notice of hearing) against Dr. Balogh. A hearing was scheduled for August 2021 but was cancelled when Dr. Balogh made admissions and proposed a resolution under section 37.1​ of the Health Professions Act.​


Dr. Balogh has admitted to professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct in that he was criminally convicted of one count of making a false tax return and five counts of failing to report taxable income for offences that took place between 2005 and 2009, contrary to sections 239(1)(a) and 239(1)(d) of the Income Tax Act.


A panel of the Inquiry Committee received and considered Dr. Balogh’s proposal. In accepting his proposal, the Inquiry Committee issued a discipline order (PDF)​ on July 8 under section 39(2)​ of the Health Professions Act. The order states that Dr. Balogh:

  • ​​is reprimanded
  • must successfully complete, at his own cost, a multi-day ethics and professionalism course​​

This is a summary of the consent order approved by the Inquiry Committee on July 8, 2021. Full details are available in the consent order package (PDF).​

*The CRA has issued an announcement relating to Dr. Balogh’s sentencing decision as issued by the Provincial Court of British Columbia on July 6, 2021. ​