Publication Notice: Dr. Steven Krieger

Surrey, B.C.

Issuing College:


Dr. Steven Krieger is a general dentist who practised in Surrey until he voluntarily withdrew in November 2016 during the course of a CDSBC investigation. A discipline hearing had been scheduled but was cancelled when Dr. Krieger made admissions and proposed a resolution under s.37.1 of the Health Professions Act.

The Inquiry Committee approved Dr. Krieger’s proposal and orders the following:

  • Dr. Krieger is reprimanded and ordered to pay a fine of $10,000.
  • He will not practise dentistry for a period of one year from the date of the order except for the purposes outlined below.
  • If he intends to return to practice, he must successfully complete a multi-step remediation program and examination process in the following order and at his own expense:
    • 16-day pre-clinical mentorship program that includes basic dental anatomy, physiology, and pathology;
    • National Dental Examining Board Assessments of Fundamental Knowledge, Clinical Judgment and Clinical Skills;
    • Three 10-day (minimum) clinical mentorships in each of basic dentistry, major restorative care, and endodontics;
    • All patients treated during his mentorships must be informed that their treatment is being provided under a consent order from CDSBC;
    • National Dental Examining Board Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and National Dental Examining Board Certification Examination; and
    • Three-day Professional/Problem Based Ethics Course (PROBE).
  • If and when Dr. Krieger satisfies these conditions set out above he may return to practice subject to the following limits and conditions (until such time as the College is satisfied that he has demonstrated that he is consistently treating patients in accordance with the standard of care):
    • He will treat no more than five patients in a day;
    • His practice will be subject to monitoring by CDSBC, including random inspections and chart reviews; and
    • He will prominently post a sign in the office to inform patients that he is subject to monitoring by CDSBC.
  • If Dr. Krieger ceases to be a registrant or is registered other than as a practising registrant, in order to be reinstated he must make an application to the Registration Committee.
  • If he has not satisfactorily completed all the remedial steps listed above by May 1, 2019 he shall cease to be a registrant of CDSBC.
  • While he is withdrawn from practice he may not be involved in any aspect of patient care provided by other dentists employed at his dental office.
  • Until he has met the conditions listed above, any continuing dental education that he participates in (apart from the above program) may not involve the treatment of patients.
  • He will pay $4,000 to CDSBC towards the costs of the investigation.

This is a summary of the consent order ordered by the Inquiry Committee. Full details are available in the consent order agreement (PDF).