Publication Notice: Dr. Sukrit Grewal

Abbotsford, BC

Issuing College:


Dr. Sukrit Grewal is a dentist registered with the BC College of Oral Health Professionals (BCCOHP) with a practice limited to the specialty of pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Grewal has signed a consent agreement (the “Agreement”) with the BCCOHP. In the Agreement, Dr. Grewal consented to a six-month suspension, which took effect following an Inquiry Committee order under s.35 of the Health Professions Act from May 19 through November 19, 2023. The Inquiry Committee has determined this to be a serious matter under s.39.3 of the Health Professions Act requiring publication.

Admissions and Acknowledgments

  1. Dr. Grewal admits that he engaged in improper touching of a female staff member without her consent on one occasion.
  2. Dr. Grewal acknowledges that it is unprofessional conduct to
    • engage in sexually charged and flirtatious communications with staff, and
    • touch staff or patients without their consent, and in particular, when such touching has, or may be perceived as having, a sexual intent.
  3. Dr. Grewal acknowledges the importance of strict adherence to undertakings made to BCCOHP.

Dr. Grewal also undertakes to:

  • successfully complete the PROBE Ethics and Boundaries Course prior to returning to practice,
  • pay costs to BCCOHP in the amount of $2,000, and
  • have the psychiatrist who is treating him in satisfaction of the requirements of the separate criminal proceeding provide a report directly to BCCOHP following that treatment.


Between April and July 2022, BCCOHP began investigations into three separate complaints alleging professional and ethical misconduct by Dr. Grewal of a sexual nature towards female staff at dental clinics where he practiced at the time.

In the criminal proceeding related to one of the complaints, Dr. Grewal entered into a recognizance order under Section 810 of the Criminal Code. Such an order is issued by consent where the court is satisfied that the person on whose behalf the information was laid has reasonable grounds to fear that a person will cause personal injury to them. As part of the conditions attached to the criminal court order, Dr. Grewal agreed to attend counselling sessions with a psychiatrist.

While the investigations were ongoing, Dr. Grewal signed undertakings including that he would only be on the premises of the dental clinic if a practice monitor approved by BCCOHP was present. BCCOHP received three further complaints alleging misconduct by Dr. Grewal, including allegations that Dr. Grewal failed to comply with the undertakings.

The Inquiry Committee subsequently issued an interim order under s.35 of the Health Professions Act directing that Dr. Grewal must not treat patients or communicate with any clinic staff, but he may engage another registrant to conduct his practice. The Inquiry Committee determined that unwanted touching of any person is harmful to the public, even if the direct target is not a patient. Dr. Grewal was unable to find a registrant to carry on his practice in his absence and, therefore, effectively has not been practicing since May 19, 2023.


A panel of the Inquiry Committee considered and accepted the agreement as a resolution of the complaints under s.36 of the Health Professions Act.

This is a summary of agreement approved on November 1, 2023.