Publication Notice: Dr. Sukrit Grewal

Abbotsford, BC

Issuing College:



Dr. Sukrit Grewal is a dentist registered with the BC College of Oral Health Professionals (BCCOHP). His registration status allows him to practice only in his area of specialty (pediatric dentistry).  

Dr. Grewal has agreed to limits and/or conditions being placed on his practice because BCCOHP has concerns regarding Dr. Grewal’s interactions with adult staff members. These limits and conditions include: 

  • Dr. Grewal will practise dentistry only at his clinic: Children’s Oral Care Centre, located at 201-2051 McCallum Road in Abbotsford
  • the appointment of an independent Practice Monitor (regulated health professional) approved by BCCOHP
  • that the Practice Monitor must be present when Dr. Grewal:
    • is on the premises of the clinic
    • engages in phone or in-person communications with patients and the parents/guardians of patients, unless the phone communications are initiated by the patients or parents/guardians of patients 

The limits and conditions also address the subject and format of his communications with staff.  

Dr. Grewal must ensure all patients or their parents/guardians are informed in advance of booking that a regulated health professional is monitoring his practice and his interactions with patients and staff. 

This is a high-level summary of the agreement signed by Dr. Grewal. The terms can be found in the publication notice.

About limits or conditions on a registrant’s practice

Limits or conditions on a registrant’s practice can arise in a number of ways, such as a term or condition of registration/certification or reinstatement; voluntary agreement as a result of a health issue; voluntary agreement during or following the investigation of a complaint; imposed by legislation (e.g., Criminal Records Review Act); or imposed following a discipline hearing.  

By law, there are restrictions on the information that a health regulatory college may disclose about the health professionals it regulates. At this time, BCCOHP is unable to provide additional information beyond what is contained in this summary and in the publication notice.

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