Publication Notice: Kaisha Corbett

Williams Lake, BC
Dental hygienist

Issuing College:


Name of Registrant:  Kaisha Corbett (“Respondent”)
Description of Action:  Acceptance of s. 37.1 consent order and cancellation of citation
Reasons for Action taken:

The Inquiry Committee resolved to accept a consent order under s. 37.1 of the Health Professions Act (the “Act”) from the Respondent and to cancel a citation for a discipline hearing scheduled for October 30, 2020. The citation alleged that the Respondent contravened: (a) para. 2 of a 2019 consent agreement by failing to report to the College that she had started a new position at Cariboo Dental Clinic within five days of starting the new position or at all; (b) para. 3 of the 2019 consent agreement by failing to meet an August 15, 2019 deadline imposed by the Quality Assurance Committee (“QAC”) for re-submitting revised reflection papers under her QAP Directed Learning Plan; and (c) para. 7 of the 2019 consent agreement by failing to establish a mentorship relationship and meet bi-weekly with her mentor as directed by the QAC.
On October 21, 2020, the Inquiry Committee accepted the terms of a proposal under s. 37.1(2) of the Act from the Respondent and directed cancellation of the citation and discipline hearing upon receipt of the signed s. 37.1 consent order from the Respondent. Under the terms of s. 37.1 consent order, the Respondent:

  1. Acknowledges that she contravened paras. 2, 3, and 7 of the 2019 consent agreement and undertakes not to repeat the conduct of failing to comply with the terms of a consent agreement or order of the College;
  2.  Consents to a written reprimand with respect to her failure to comply with paras, 2, 3, and 7 of the 2019 consent agreement; 
  3. Undertakes and consents not to seek reinstatement of registration with the College (or its successor) for a period of at least five years from the date of the s. 37.1 consent crder;
  4. Agrees that, if following the expiration of five years she seeks reinstatement of registration with the College (or its successor), in addition to complying with the bylaw requirements for reinstatement, she undertakes and consents to:
    •  first complete the PROBE (Professional/Problem-Based Ethics) program offered by CPEP at her cost and obtain an unconditional pass and authorize the PROBE Program to release her program results to the College (or its successor);
    • write and submit a reflective paper to the College (or its successor) of not less than 3,000 words (exclusive of references) outlining her statutory and professional obligations as a registrant;
    • successfully pass the Canadian Performance Exam in Dental Hygiene (the “CPEDH”) or a similar performance-based assessment to be approved in advance by the College (or its successor); and 
    • successfully complete any outstanding QAP requirements required by the bylaws or the QAC.
  5. Agrees that in the event she is reinstated following the expiration of five years and completion of the requirements under para. 4(a) to (d) above, she consents and undertakes to contact the College (or its successor) by email or telephone on the first business day of each month as long as she holds registration to ensure there are no outstanding regulatory requirements to fulfill subject to the contrary direction of the College (or its successor).
  6. Consents and undertakes to indemnify the College by paying investigative costs of $2,000 to the College within 30 days of the date of the s. 37.1 consent order or, with approval of the Registrar, on an approved payment plan.     
  7. Acknowledges that a contravention of any term of the s. 37.1 consent order constitutes professional misconduct.
  8. Acknowledges that the s. 37.1 consent order is considered to be an order of the Discipline Committee under s. 39 of the Act.
  9. Acknowledges that the s. 37.1 consent order will be disclosed to the Registration Committee, the Inquiry Committee and/or the Discipline Committee when considering any future application or following the consideration of any complaint by the Inquiry Committee or in any proceedings before the Discipline Committee.
  10. Acknowledges this is a matter requiring public notification under s. 39.3 of the Act.