Publication Notice: Liz-Ann Munro Lamarre

Salmon Arm, B.C.
Dental hygienist

Issuing College:



Name of Registrant:       Liz-Ann Munro Lamarre

Description of Action:    Cancellation of citation and acceptance of s. 37.1 consent order

Reasons for Action taken:

The Inquiry Committee agreed to accept a s. 37.1 consent order and to cancel a citation alleging that the Registrant provided treatment outside scope of practice of a dental hygienist, failed to follow Practice Standards by allowing a client to opt out of accepting a referral to a dental practitioner and engaged in unprofessional conduct with a client.

The Inquiry Committee accepted the s. 37.1 consent order because it had no concerns regarding the Registrant’s competency as a dental hygienist and recognized that she had undertaken further work regarding IST treatments and referrals, was facing a challenging situation with a child who had an abscess and did not have ready access to medical care, and that she believed that she was acting in the best interests of the child. Under the terms of s. 37.1 consent agreement, the Registrant undertakes:

  1. to ensure that all treatments that she provides are within scope of practice of a dental hygienist and that she follows the CHDBC Interpretation Guidelines for Referrals by Dental Hygienists. If the Registrant is unable to send a referral letter and diagnostic materials directly to a dentist, she undertakes to provide the client with emergency dental contact information and make it clear it is the client’s responsibility to follow up with a dentist.  
  1. to provide a letter of apology to the client expressing regret regarding the experience at her office.

The Registrant has also agreed to engage in further dialogue with the College regarding the topics of IST, the referral process and guidelines related to emergency care in order to foster client care and client safety.