Dental technician registration resources

To fabricate dental appliances as a dental technician a person must be registered with the BC College of Oral Health Professionals. Only registrants of the College are legally entitled to practice dental technology in BC.  

This page contains registration information not covered in other pages.

Consistent with the terms of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the BC/AB Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA), the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals will continue to register dental technicians who are currently registered in another jurisdiction in Canada, in accordance with the provisions of these Agreements. 

All information required for registration are noted in the application instructions and forms. If you have any questions or concerns, please  contact  BCCOHP’s office. 

Reinstatement to practising – Less than 60 days.

If your registration was not renewed at annual renewal and it has been less than 60 days and you wish to reinstate, please complete the annual renewal form by logging into your BCCOHP account.

Reinstatement from former Registered Dental Technician registration to practising – More than 60 days.

If your registration was not renewed at annual renewal and it has been more than 60 days and you wish to reinstate you must:

  1. ensure that you meet the Quality Assurance requirements for continuing education and continuous practice
  2. complete the Application Package for Reinstatement
  3. pay the applicable reinstatement and registration fees

Reinstatement from non-practising to practising

If you want to reinstate from non-practising to practising get in touch with the Registration department via our contact form for next steps.