Dental therapist initial registration

Under the BCCOHP Bylaws, you must be employed by FNHA (First Nations Health Authority) to register as a dental therapist at BCCOHP. As a result of this, BCCOHP may register dental therapists, dependent on whether FNHA is looking to hire additional dental therapists.

If you are interested in working as a dental therapist in BC, you will need to contact FNHA for more information. All dental therapists may only provide services in First Nations communities under the supervision and direction of a dentist in good standing with the College.

Currently, the education requirement for dental therapists as outlined in the bylaws states that you must either:

  • Graduate with a diploma in dental therapy from the National School of Dental Therapy
  • Graduate from a dental therapy education program that is, in the opinion of the registration committee, substantially equivalent to the dental therapy program from the National School of Dental Therapy
  • Applicants are also required to complete the BCCOHP’s Jurisprudence Module (JEM). BCCOHP staff will contact you for access to complete the module upon receipt of your application.