Dental technician registration classes

To fabricate dental appliances a person must be registered with the BC College of Oral Health Professionals.  Only registrants of BCCOHP are legally entitled to practice dental technology in BC. 

Below is the list and the descriptions of registration classifications for dental technicians.

Dental Technicians are health care professionals who fabricate dental restorations and appliances which are prescribed by a dentist or requested by a denturist for a specific patient.

To fabricate dental appliances in British Columbia, a person must be a Registered Dental Technician, or, working as a Dental Technician Assistant or Dental Technician Student under the supervision of a Registered Dental Technician.

A Dental Technician may practice Dental Technology as set out in the Dental Technician Regulation.  A Dental Technician may also delegate tasks to Assistants or Students provided he or she supervises those individuals in accordance with guidelines established by the Board.  For more information regarding supervision guidelines, please see the Supervision Guidelines in section 11.12 of the Bylaws.

An individual is eligible to be registered as a Dental Technician if the individual

  • has graduated from a Dental Technician Education Program approved by the Registration Committee,
  • (i) has provided the services equivalent to those of a dental technician for a period of not less than 5 years, and
    (ii) has a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities, which, in the opinion of the Registration Committee, satisfy the education requirements
  • is of good character and fit to practice the profession
  • consents to a Criminal Record Check in the form required by the Criminal Records Review Act
  • demonstrates competence in the English language
  • submits a completed application form and pays the fees required
  • demonstrates current competence to practice by successfully completing the pan-Canadian Competency Assessment (examinations) administered by the Canadian Alliance of Dental Technology Regulators (CADTR)
  • Completes a Jurisprudence Examination administered by the College
  • provides proof of having obtained and maintained the required professional liability insurance coverage.

A non-practicing Dental Technician is not allowed to provide any of the services of a dental technician in British Columbia, including supervising other registrants. A registrant must be previously registered as a Dental Technician to transfer to a non-practicing class.

A student may work under the supervision of a Registered Dental Technician and provide delegated services.

An individual is entitled to be registered as a Dental Technician Student if the individual

  • is currently enrolled as a student in a Board approved post-secondary Dental Technician Training Program in British Columbia
  • is of good character and fit to practice the profession.


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