Self-assessments for moderate sedation facilities due July 29, 2022

This message requires specific attention from moderate sedation facility owners who have not already submitted self-assessments. It is being distributed to all registrants and certified dental assistants because all clinical sedation team members in moderate sedation facilities are assessed.

In April, we announced that BCCOHP is introducing a program to assess compliance of our registrants with moderate sedation standards and guidelines.

All registrants who own dental facilities where moderate sedation services (parenteral or enteral) are provided are required to participate in a confidential assessment process that includes self-assessments and in-office assessments.

This process will ensure compliance with the BCCOHP’s Minimal and Moderate Sedation Services in Dentistry Standards and Guidelines and requires facility owners to correct deficiencies identified through the assessment process. All members of the clinical sedation team will also be assessed.


All facility owners who have informed BCCOHP that their facility provides moderate sedation services previously received a self-assessment package via email. The self-assessment involves documenting staff credentials, biomedical equipment maintenance and drug inventories. If deficiencies are identified, they must be rectified and proof of rectifications must be submitted to BCCOHP for review.

All initial moderate sedation self-assessments are due July 29, 2022. Registrants may continue to provide moderate sedation services while completing assessments, unless directed otherwise.

Facility owners who have not received a package or have questions regarding the assessments, please contact us.

Submitting payment

Invoices will be sent to facility owners electronically after self-assessments are received. The moderate sedation facility assessment fee is $360; all BCCOHP fees can be found in Schedule “A” Fees.

Payments can be made two ways:

Accepted online payment methods include Mastercard and Visa credit cards, and some Interac cards (see more). Mastercard/Visa debit cards are not accepted. 

Please make cheques out to the BC College of Oral Health Professionals, and mail to:

BCCOHP c/o Sedation Program
Suite 110-1765 West 8th Avenue,
Vancouver, BC V6J 5C6

Note: BCCOHP does not accept payments by telephone, in cash, or those delivered in person as the BCCOHP office remains closed to the public.

Equipment and medical devices

Facility owners are responsible for ensuring equipment and medical devices are in full compliance with the Minimal and Moderate Sedation Services in Dentistry Standards and Guidelines. This includes reviewing frequency of equipment maintenance, ensuring servicing of equipment is completed by qualified personnel, and ensuring medical devices comply with provincial and federal regulations, i.e. devices must be purchased through a Health Canada authorized importer or distributor, and have approved electrical certification labels.

Registrants who have questions regarding their medical devices should contact their vendor or service agent.