Quality Assurance Program Modernization


One of the three main ways BCCOHP protects the public is by ensuring that oral health professionals are able to practise competently throughout their careers. Quality assurance is an important part of this work.

BCCOHP is working to establish a modernized quality assurance program for all oral health professionals.

The quality assurance programs developed by the legacy colleges that came together to form BCCOHP remained in place upon amalgamation. As a result, we currently have four quality assurance programs with different criteria, processes, and requirements for members of the oral health team.

Establishing a modernized quality assurance program for all oral health professionals is a goal outlined in our 2024-27 Strategic Plan.

Project Oversight

Three key groups are supporting this work:

  • Quality Assurance Working Group: Makes recommendations for the new program and supports development from the design stage through to post-implementation. This working group is made up of oral health professionals and public members with relevant knowledge, skills and experience. This group works with staff and is supported by external consultants.
  • Quality Assurance Committee: This group has oversight of the development and administration of the new QA program.
  • BCCOHP Board: The Board has broad oversight of strategic initiatives such as this one, as well as the bylaws and budget related to this project.

How you can get involved:

Stay tuned for further information around quality assurance program modernization and engagement opportunities.

Who's listening:

Stephanie Nicholls, Director of Transformation and Change | stephanie.nicholls@oralhealthbc.ca.  


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