Publication Notice: Dr. Hardeep S. (Bobby) Birdi

Vancouver and Coquitlam, B.C.

Issuing College:


Dr. Hardeep S. (Bobby) Birdi, a certified specialist, admitted to altering copies of patient records as part of his application to the College to provide moderate sedation to patients. Dr. Birdi made a number of material changes to the documents he submitted to CDSBC, including changing the name of the surgeon, the assistants, the vital signs monitoring records, and in one case, the drug administered. He attempted to mislead the College because he was fearful he would not receive approval to provide moderate sedation in his office.

Dr. Birdi acknowledged that his actions were completely inappropriate and expressed remorse, indicating he was under a number of financial and personal pressures at the time which he felt contributed to his lapse in judgment.

The Inquiry Committee considered this to be a serious matter under the Health Professions Act, and for this reason, ordered that a summary be published pursuant to section 39.3 of the Act.

Dr. Birdi understands the ethical concerns raised by his conduct and has agreed to the following:

(a) That he will never repeat the conduct in the future and will ensure all of his communications with the College are forthright and honest;

(b) A reprimand;

(c) Payment of a fine in the amount of $15,000;

(d) Completion of the Professional/Problem-Based Ethics Program for healthcare professionals, at his own cost; and

(e) Donation of 40 hours of his professional services to a non-profit organization in the Lower Mainland.

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