Publication Notice: Dr. Michal Kaburda

White Rock, B.C.

Issuing College:


Discipline Panel Decision Summary

Dr. Kaburda is registered with CDSBC as a Certified Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

A discipline hearing was held in July 2014 to determine allegations of professional misconduct. Dr. Kaburda did not attend.

The Discipline Panel issued its decision on October 15, 2014. The Panel found that Dr. Kaburda committed professional misconduct by:

  • Refusing to provide a patient with her dental records;
  • Failing to respond to the College’s request for information as part of its investigation of his refusal to provide the records; and
  • Failing to respond to the College’s request for information as part of its investigation of the dental services he provided to the patient.

View the full Discipline Panel Decision (PDF) (names of third parties have been redacted to protect confidentiality).

Penalty Decision Summary

Posted February 13, 2015

On January 9,​​ 2015, a panel of the Discipline Committee held a penalty hearing for Dr. Michal Kaburda. Dr. Kaburda did not attend, and the hearing proceeded in his absence.

The Discipline Panel stated that all aspects of Dr. Kaburda’s conduct in this matter were unseemly for such a senior member of the profession (he has been practising in B.C. since 1965). In determining the penalty, the Discipline Panel took into account Dr. Kaburda’s attitude of ungovernability; the seriousness of his offences; the degree of harm he has inflicted on the complainant, CDSBC and the public; and his past conduct in civil proceedings, including his refusal to comply with court orders imposed upon him.

The Discipline Panel imposed the following penalty on Dr. Kaburda:

  • A reprimand;
  • Immediate suspension from the practice of dentistry for a period of six months;
  • He must produce a complete copy of the complainant’s records to CDSBC, and if he does not, his suspension will continue until this requirement is met; and
  • Payment of a fine of $10,000 in addition to $15,083.13 in costs to CDSBC.

Read the full penalty decision here (PDF).