Publication Notice: Dr. Young Hee Lee

Surrey, B.C.

Issuing College:


Dr. Young Hee Lee has signed a memorandum of agreement and understanding (“MAU”) with mentorship agreement acknowledging CDSBC’s serious concerns regarding ethics, billing and recordkeeping, as well as continuing concerns with diagnosis and treatment planning, periodontal diagnosis, fixed prosthodontics and radiographic interpretation.

In the MAU, Dr. Lee acknowledged that he would benefit from an educational program to enhance his recordkeeping, billing practices and ethics. He confirmed that he has already completed CDSBC’s Dental Recordkeeping Course and agrees to:

  • A two-month suspension from practice beginning September 5, 2017;
  • A fine in the amount of $15,000 to be paid to CDSBC;
  • Bill only for treatment that has been provided and that was indicated, bill only in accordance with the BCDA’s Dental Fee Guide or applicable Insurer’s Fee Guide, and not repeat the conduct of concern;
  • Comply with CDSBC’s Dental Recordkeeping Guidelines;
  • Complete CDSBC’s More Tough Topics in Dentistry course, a radiographic interpretation course, and complete (at his own expense) a professional ethics course;
  • Enter into and complete the terms of a mentorship agreement;
  • Take post-operative radiographs of all prosthodontic treatment provided for 12 months; and
  • A chart review six months after the completion of the mentorship agreement.

The Inquiry Committee considered this to be a serious matter under the Health Professions Act, and for this reason, ordered that a summary be published pursuant to section 39.3 of the Act.

View the complete memorandum of agreement and understanding with mentorship agreements (PDF)

Documentation has been redacted to protect personal information.