Publication Notice: Dr. Yu Li

Surrey and Langley, B.C.

Issuing College:


Dr. Yu Li, a general dentist who practises in Surrey and Langley, B.C., has admitted to engaging in a personal and sexual relationship with a patient over a six-week period in 2012. He has also admitted to submitting a false claim to the same patient’s insurer for payment of a cosmetic tooth whitening procedure that was not covered by her dental insurance plan.

Dr. Li also admitted to not billing co-payments from certain patients. Dr. Li admitted to billing for units of time differently than in the British Columbia Dental Association’s Fee Guide.

Dr. Li agreed that his professionalism in the context of dentist/patient boundaries and billing practices was not in keeping with the standards expected of dentists in British Columbia. Dr. Li acknowledged the College’s concerns regarding restorative and operative treatment he provided to the same patient, the complainant.

The Inquiry Committee considered this to be a serious matter under the Health Professions Act, and for this reason, ordered that a summary be published pursuant to section 39.3 of the Act. Dr. Li has acknowledged and apologized for his conduct, reimbursed the complainant’s insurer, and has contacted all the patients from whom he failed to collect co-payments.

In the Memorandum of Agreement and Understanding (the “MAU”) between CDSBC and Dr. Li, he consents to a reprimand, and agrees that he will:

  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with patients at all times;
  • Observe ethical billing practices by ensuring all billings reflect the procedure as defined by the BCDA Dental Fee Guide;
  • Ensure co-payments are billed to patients;
  • Receive ongoing psychological counselling at his own expense;
  • Complete an ethics-based, problem solving course at his own expense;
  • Complete two restorative/operative dentistry courses at his own expense; and
  • Be monitored by College investigators for a 12-month period, including a chart review to assess his current billing practices.

The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the public is protected under the terms of the MAU.