Annual Renewal - Dental Technicians

Logging in to the portal

Registration renewal is available each year through BCCOHP’s secure self-service website. To access your registrant profile on our website, click this link and log in using your registrant number or email address and password. 

If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forgot Password” and a temporary password will be emailed to you at the email address we have on file.  When you sign in with your temporary password, the system will require you to set a new password that meets the security requirements.  


Reinstatement after your registration has lapsed requires completion of a reinstatement application process and a reinstatement fee. You must meet the Quality Assurance requirements for continuing education and continuous practice. 

Please contact for more information. 

Renewal and requirements

Annual renewal is now closed

Registrants are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that all contact information, such as addresses, telephone numbers, email, and current workplace(s), are up to date and correct at all times. It is a bylaw requirement to provide a valid email address to the college. 

Please note that renewal notices are emailed out to all registrants in February each year. If for some reason the College does not have a current email address for you, please get in touch with us via our contact form. Paper forms are also available upon request.

The renewal deadline was March 31, and applications for renewal and payment of the renewal fees must have been be received by the College by this date. If applications and payment of all outstanding fees are not received by April 1st, your name will be removed from the Register, and you will not be legally permitted to continue to practice dental technology in BC.  

If you are an RDT, please ensure that you have Professional Liability Insurance in place to avoid a delay in renewing your registration. 

NOTE: We have been advised that the Professional Liability Insurance coverage available through group policies such as the DTABC, expires at the end of January each year. This insurance must be maintained throughout your registration period and must not lapse during the year.

Note: Please use a laptop or desktop computer as some applicants have experienced difficulties using a mobile device or tablet.

Annual renewal FAQs

Login and payment

To renew your registration on the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals (BCCOHP) website, please use the login button located in the top right corner and follow the online instructions. Upon completion, an email confirmation will be sent to you, which will confirm the status of your renewal. 

NOTE: Submitting your renewal application form and payment does not necessarily mean your renewal for 2023-2024 has been completed. You must also have met your required continuing education hours for the cycle ending on February 28, renewed your professional liability insurance, and have a current criminal record check to practise after March 31, 2023. Contact BCCOHP if you are unsure of having met these requirements by using the Contact Us page on our website or by calling 672-202-0458 (toll-free: 1-866-329-7093).

On the login page, click “forgot password”. Enter your email or registration number and a temporary password will be sent to the email we have on file for you. 

If your account is locked (after three unsuccessful login attempts), you will need to contact us online or by calling 672-202-0458 (toll-free: 1-866-329-7093). 

Contact us online or call 672-202-0458 (toll-free: 1-866-329-7093) and ask to have your access unlocked and your security questions reset. 

The online renewal system for dental technicians accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards via the online portal, or personal cheques or money order by mail. 

If you receive an error message while paying, please contact your bank to ensure there are no issues on their end before making another attempt with payment using the same credit card. If the issue is not banking-related, try another payment method or please contact us.

Payment by cheque, money order or bank draft is acceptable. Please mail your cheque, money order or bank draft with the exact amount by March 31, 2023 to: 

110-1765 West 8th Avenue 
Vancouver, BC V6J 5C6 

Please ensure that your full name is clearly visible on the cheque for accurate processing  

Note: You must complete and submit an online renewal before providing payment.   

BCCOHP does not accept payments by telephone, in cash, or those delivered in person. 

Accepted payment methods include cheque (by mail), Mastercard and Visa credit cards. 

Additionally, BCCOHP does not accept payments by telephone, in cash, or those delivered in person. 

Criminal record check

Registrants must undergo a CRC every five years. Registrants who are required to apply for a new CRC should have received a notice from BCCOHP with instructions on how to complete your criminal record check. If you are not sure when your CRC expires, please email  

Criminal record checks cannot be completed at a police or RCMP station and must be done online through the Criminal Records Review Program website using the access code provided by BCCOHP. 

Note: If your CRC is not current, your annual renewal will not be completed. 

Renewing as a different registration category

The renewal system does not provide an option to change from practising to non-practicing or to resign/retire. If you do not want to renew, contact us online or call 672-202-0458 (toll-free: 1-866-329-7093).

The renewal system does not provide an option to change from practising to non-practicing or to resign/retire. If you do not want to renew, contact us online or call 672-202-0458 (toll-free: 1-866-329-7093).

The non-practising registration category is for dental technicians who can hold registration as a dental technician but do not plan to practise for a period of time. Non-practising dental technicians are not permitted to practise. 

The renewal system does not provide an option to change from practising to non-practising. If you want to change categories, contact us online page or call 672-202-0458 (toll-free: 1-866-329-7093). 

Note: As a dental technician, you may hold a non-practising status indefinitely. However, if you want to regain your practising status, you must meet BCCOHP’s quality assurance requirements 

The renewal system does not provide an option to resign from practise. If you do not want to renew, contact us online or call 672-202-0458 (toll-free: 1-866-329-7093). 

Quality assurance

The QA program requirements for renewal in the practising category include:   

  • A minimum of 30 hours of continuing education in a three-year cycle, and 
  • Completion of the self assessment questionnaire (if notified by random selection) 

In addition, requirements include an active registrant to engage in a minimum of 675 hours of practise as a dental technician in the three years immediately prior to application for renewal. 

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