Dental Hygienist Registration Resources

In order to be licensed and legally entitled to practice dental hygiene in British Columbia, applicants must be registered with the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals. 

Only registrants of the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals are licensed and legally entitled to practice dental hygiene in BC and use the title “Registered Dental Hygienist.” 

This section provides other information not previously covered by other pages.

In order to be eligible for registration in BC, foreign-trained dental hygienists and recent graduates of programs not approved by the College (see Schedule C for approved listmust successfully complete the Canadian Performance Exam in Dental Hygiene (CPEDH) offered by the Federation of Dental Hygiene Regulators of Canada (FDHRC). This College approved exam determines an individual’s competence and readiness to practice. This requirement does not apply to those who have already passed a clinical exam in another Canadian jurisdiction or have been registered in good standing within Canada.


The CPEDH is offered annually and applicants are encouraged to contact the FDHRC well in advance of the published application deadline to reserve a space. 

Upcoming CPEDH Sessions

For information on upcoming CPEDH Sessions please contact: 

Requirements to Apply

Please contact the FDHRC to request a CPEDH application form and to receive additional information regarding the exam.

About the CPEDH

Information about the CPEDH can be found here.

If you are applying for registration in BC and are currently or have previously been registered in another Canadian jurisdiction, BCCOHP requires a Certificate of Standing from that jurisdiction.

The Certificate of Standing is valid for up to 60 days from the date that it was signed. If you do not have your registration process completed within 60 days, a new Certificate will be required.​

The Certificate of Standing form can be found here.

Please allow up to 15  business days for processing. 

Note: we send your Letter of Standing directly to the organization you have on the form unless otherwise requested.

As of September 1, 2022 – the College of Dental Hygienists of BC, College of Dental Surgeons of BC, College of Dental Technicians of BC, College of Denturists of BC becomes…