Self-assessments for moderate sedation facilities due July 29, 2022

This message requires specific attention from moderate sedation facility owners who have not already submitted self-assessments. It is being distributed to all registrants and certified dental assistants because all clinical sedation team members in moderate sedation facilities are assessed.

Dentists: access to PharmaNet now open

As of June 1, dentists in BC can become authorized to access PharmaNet. This joint initiative between BCCOHP and BC’s Ministry of Health marks a significant and positive change that will enhance the safety of dental patients and the public. Practitioner access to PharmaNet is only for the purpose of direct patient care: providing health […]

College Introduces Moderate Sedation Facility Assessments

Starting spring 2022, all dental facilities that provide moderate sedation (parental or enteral) will be required to participate in a confidential assessment process that includes both self-assessments and in-office assessments.

In-person Course Work Extension for Sedation/GA Team Members

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our registrants who are clinical sedation and/or general anesthesia team members have experienced difficulty registering for and/or attending required in-person courses. In recognition of this, we announced last April that courses with in-person components could be deferred. This deferral is extended again until May 1, 2021

Changes to Sedation/GA Requirements in Response to COVID-19

We are seeking ways to reduce barriers to our registrants and support the need for physical distancing in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The following announcement applies to sedation providers and to deep sedation and general anesthetic service facilities.

Clarification on Basic Life Support Certification for Sedation Team

BCCOHP’s expectation is that clinical staff on the sedation team hold current BLS certification as defined by the course provider. It is up to the registrant to determine whether the course meets BCCOHP’s requirements (see below) and that your certification is valid.